Brenda Shelly on D and O Coverage Buying Decisions and Side A Innovations

Brenda Shelly of Marsh and moderator of the 2014 PLUS D&O session “Coaches’ Corner: Emerging Issues and the Evolving Marketplace” answers two questions from the audience on who determines what type of D&O coverage is needed and what’s new in Side A cover.

Thomas Kocaj on Financial Institution Underwriting

Thomas Kocaj of CNA answers two questions from the audience after the panel “After the Credit Crisis: Kicking Off a New Era of FI Underwriting,” which he moderated at the 2014 PLUS D&O Symposium.

Carolyn Polikoff Answers Audience Questions on the IPO Market

Carolyn Polikoff, MBA of Woodruff-Sawyer responds to three questions from the audience of the discussion she moderated, “The Current IPO Environment: West Coast Offense or Zone Defense?”