(First 100 Days) Trapped in an Elevator!!!

Sometimes people put a compelling title on a story to draw people in. One that makes  people want more or wonder what happened. Something like “Trapped in an Elevator!!!”. But this is not a bait and switch story headline. It’s not sensationalized just to make you read it. No, in fact it’s simply the story of how my day began.

The PLUS office (see my August 11th blog post for pictures of the PLUS office PLUS Office Photos) is on the sixth floor of the building. And just like any other day I was drinking a cup of coffee while heading up the elevator to start my day. Then suddenly the elevator slammed to a stop and I spilled coffee on my shirt. Luckily (or maybe not so lucky) the drive into the office was long enough so that my coffee was lukewarm and that I wore a dark shirt. So there I sat in the hot elevator for the next 30 minutes, stuck between the 2nd and 3rd floor. Luckily I was able to call someone so I knew help was on the way. Eventually the Otis elevator repair team pried open the doors and I crawled my way to safety.

Why am I telling you this even though it has noting to do with PLUS or Professional Liability? Well actually because it has nothing to do with PLUS or Professional Liability and because after all its Friday. I figured I would close the week out with a completely irrelevant, yet true story.  Plus it certainly will be one of the most memorable moments of my first 100 days at PLUS. So enjoy your weekend and don’t get trapped in an elevator.

(First 100 Days) – Volunteer Invovlement Drives PLUS

PLUS is a member-driven and member-centric organization. This means that members shape and lead the organization and that the focus is on providing value to all members. This is evident by the robust volunteer committee structure at PLUS. I am still learning about all the Committees and what they do, and I am sure many of you may not even be aware of all of the volunteer opportunities, so I thought I would share with you more about the various PLUS committees. Also, over the next few months in various blog post I will talk in further detail about the roles and accomplishments of each committee.

There are currently 161 volunteer positions on committees, subcommittees, or boards at PLUS. In addition, there are 203 Chapter leadership volunteer positions. Below are the PLUS committees.

  • Board of Trustees
    • Executive Committee
    • Nomination & Leadership Committee
    • Finance & Audit Committee
  • PLUS Foundation Board
    • Executive Committee
    • Finance & Audit Committee
  • Editorial Board
  • Conference Committee
    • Content Subcommittee
  • Education Committee
    • Cyber Symposium Chairs
    • D&O Symposium Chairs
    • MPL Symposium Chairs
    • PRS Symposium Chairs
  • Professional Development Committee
    • Academic Advisory Council
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Future PLUS
  • Hong Kong Planning Committee
  • Singapore Planning Committee
  • London Planning Committee
  • Global Development Committee
  • Member-Sponsor Value Committee
  • Chapter Development Committee

Midwest Chapter Golfs: 2015

Cooler than average temperatures could not dampen the spirits of golfers who attended the PLUS Midwest Chapter’s golf outing at Cog Hill Golf Club on July 8th.  With over 210 golfers on hand, the competition and camaraderie were out in full force.  Special recognition goes to the following participants:

Course 1
1st Place Team Eric Kaplan, Dean Gournis, William Thompson, David Wilke
2nd Place Team Jonathan Carlson, Mike Pericht, Ed McAlister, Kyle Rood
Course 3
1st Place Team Peter Clough, Scott Ammer, Jeff Roth, Gene Mason
2nd Place Team Tim Wagner Team
Course 1
Women’s Longest Drive Amanda Coleman
Men’s Longest Drive Drew Desmaris
Closest to the Pin: Women Elyse Klimek
Closest to the Pin: Men Bill Martin
Course 3
Women’s Longest Drive Carol Weill
Men’s Longest Drive Scott Ammer
Closest to the Pin: Women Megan Gibson
Closest to the Pin: Men Eric Crane

Thanks to Golf Chairs Jeremy Schokora and Al Roberts, and the other tireless volunteers from the Chapter Steering Committee, who organized this event. Thanks also to our generous sponsors who make this PLUS Foundation fundraiser possible:

Great American Insurance Group, McMahon Berger, PC, ECC Insurance Brokers Inc., AXIS Professional Lines, Baugh Dalton LLC, Beazley Group, Chicago Underwriting Group, Founders Professional LLC, General Reinsurance, IronPro, Markel Midwest, Maxum Specialty Insurance Group, Moore Actuarial Consulting LLC, Navigators, RT Specialty, LLC, Sedgwick Claims Management, Inc., Skarzynski Black LLC and Wilford Conrad LLP.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next July!