Cyber Crime: Costs, Severity and Response

What are the true costs of cyber crime, and which types of businesses are most at risk? Those are a few of the questions addressed by Matt Donovan of Hiscox USA in this clip from “Cyber Crime: Crime of the 21st Century” from the 2014 PLUS Professional Risk and Cyber Liability Symposia.

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Stages of a Retailer Data Breach

From the 2014 PLUS Cyber Liability Symposium session “The Dark Side of PCI: The Loss Adjudication Process,” moderator Nicholas C. Economidis (Beazley Group) and Christopher Novak (Verizon) discuss the stages of a PCI breach.

If cyber coverage is your specialty you cannot afford to miss the 2014 PLUS Conference, November 5-7 in Las Vegas. Cyber-focused sessions include:

  • The First 72 Hours: Anatomy of a Breach Response
  • Cyber Security and Data Breaches: The Big New Exposure for Ds & Os?
  • Cyber Speed Debates 2.0
  • Privacy and Data Security Issues Around the Globe

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PLUS members can view this entire session in theĀ PLUS Multimedia Library.

Visualization of Data Breaches Through the Years

The folks at once again prove their name with a fascinating and elegant infographic exploring data breaches. The graphic, linked here, shows breaches by year, method of leak, quantity of records stolen and data sensitivity. It is fully interactive, allowing you to filter by a surprising number of variables. DISCLAIMER: If you spend the rest of the day playing around with this graphic PLUS Blog is not responsible.

The data is really cool, and we found the most interesting (and perhaps least surprising) element the significant increase in frequency of data breaches from 2004 to present.

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