In 2010, CEO turnover at the world’s largest 2,500 public companies saw its sharpest year-over-year decline (19%) of the past decade, falling to 11.6%, according to management consulting firm Booz & Company’s 11th annual CEO Succession Study.

One of the interesting findings of the study, and one which was discussed at last year’s PLUS Conference by John Doggett, is the continuing rise of Asian economies.  From the article:

Asian economies are becoming the new center of gravity. China, Japan and the rest of Asia comprised the largest “bloc” in the world’s top public companies, with 895 companies, versus North America‘s 772 companies and Europe‘s 618 companies. For the first time, almost half the top 2,500 are located outside North America and Western Europe, not only in the BRIC countries but in the “next 11” emerging nations.

The number of companies from BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) has grown 24% on average annually since 2000, while Chinese companies alone now account for one in five new companies in the world’s top public companies.

You can read the full here on the Reuters website.