8 06, 2012

Women’s Leadership Network – Dallas Event a Great Success

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The PLUS Foundation hosted a Women's Leadership Network event in Dallas on June 4, 2012. The Honorable Barbara Lynn, a U.S. District Judge in the Northern District of Texas, spoke to the over 80 attendees on "Navigating Life & Career- Strategies for Happiness”. Her speech was extremely engaging and, at times, quite humorous as she shared her strategies for balancing a demanding career with family, and enjoying life as you do so. The room, which was packed with a rapt, capacity crowd, was full of energy as Judge Lynn concluded her remarks and joined the attendees for the networking portion of the evening. One of [...]

8 06, 2012

A solution (not really) to Greece’s Debt Crisis

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For this week's edition of Fall Through the Cracks Friday we re-visit the European debt crisis (recall last year's post - A Technical Explanation of the European Debt Crisis – With Legos). As the glaring issue is Greece's debt load and the possible collapse of the Euro, we thought an article from thespoof.com presented an interesting, if not plausible, solution... suing to recoup losses from unauthorized use of the country's intellectual property and art. From the article: The lawsuit also claims that "Greek patents on 'Democracy' and 'Logic' have been violated by Western governments and computer makers. The suit is expected [...]

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