For this week’s edition of Fall Through the Cracks Friday we re-visit the European debt crisis (recall last year’s post – A Technical Explanation of the European Debt Crisis – With Legos). As the glaring issue is Greece’s debt load and the possible collapse of the Euro, we thought an article from presented an interesting, if not plausible, solution… suing to recoup losses from unauthorized use of the country’s intellectual property and art. From the article:

The lawsuit also claims that “Greek patents on ‘Democracy’ and ‘Logic’ have been violated by Western governments and computer makers. The suit is expected to name all computer manufacturers and governments using the Greek democratic model or the work of classical Greek mathematicians.

“They stole everything from us and ran like hell!” accused chief antiquities prosecutor Dmitry Stompleupagus. We created democracy, logic and the greatest art the world has ever seen. Everybody says this is priceless art, so how come you can’t trade it to pay down debt? Because it was stolen from us and hauled out of here, that’s why! Now what are we supposed to do, bring everything back and put it on eBay? Bafangool!

While we at PLUS blog do not expect this approach to bear fruit it is certainly a novel approach. Also, we apologize for the strong language in the quoted section (and if you’re not sure what bafangool means like I wasn’t – be advised to not use it in conversation unless you really mean it).

Have a great weekend, and watch for two new posts on PLUS blog next week: for you EPLI folks we’ll have a clip from the Professional Risk Symposium session “Blowing the Whistle on Retaliation,” and on Thursday a clip from this week’s Webinar “HIPAA for Risk Managers: Meet the New HIPAA.”