The PLUS Foundation hosted a Women’s Leadership Network event in Dallas on June 4, 2012. The Honorable Barbara Lynn, a U.S. District Judge in the Northern District of Texas, spoke to the over 80 attendees on “Navigating Life & Career- Strategies for Happiness”. Her speech was extremely engaging and, at times, quite humorous as she shared her strategies for balancing a demanding career with family, and enjoying life as you do so.

The room, which was packed with a rapt, capacity crowd, was full of energy as Judge Lynn concluded her remarks and joined the attendees for the networking portion of the evening. One of the younger attendees shared how the judge’s remarks had given her a new perspective and respect for the women who had gone before her and blazed that trail when the professional world was a very different place to be.

Thank you to the Texas Steering Committee and PLUS Foundation Director Deborah Egel-Fergus for making this great event possible.

Also, thanks to Deb Ropelewski for sharing this account of the event for PLUS blog.