I will be the first to admit it – I find commuting tedious. Perhaps that is why this article from Forbes caught my attention and made me think “Fall through the cracks Friday!”

As you may know, Google has developed a self-driving vehicle. This project recently surpassed 300,000 miles driven without an accident – an important safety milestone for such a cutting-edge technology. From the article:

Google employees putting their safety where their mouths are and commuting daily could go a long way toward convincing the public that robotic cars are safe. Of course, the Mountain View, California area isn’t the most arduous of terrains on which to test road worthiness. Acknowledging this, Google engineer, Chris Urmson, writes “…we’ll need to master snow-covered roadways, interpret temporary construction signals and handle other tricky situations that many drivers encounter.”

Until now the cars have been ridden with at least two people, but Google will allow their employees to ride solo during their commutes. As usual, control of the car can be taken over if deemed necessary by the passenger.

So, despite this fairly impressive safety record, a commercially-available version of a self-driving car is probably still a ways off. Oh well, back to the tedium.

For more on Google’s driverless car check out this video on how it works.

Have a great weekend!