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If you are anything like me, you are likely addicted to your smart phone. I rely on mine for email, social media connections, news, weather, games, maps, calendar reminders, to-do lists, and much, much more. In fact, about the only time I take a break from my phone is when I go to bed. Unfortunately, that could be changing with the development of a few new apps focused on helping the device’s owner sleep more effectively. From Appedia:

By placing a smartphone on a mattress beside them, the apps can determine when users are in “light sleep mode” by measuring movements through the handset’s motion sensors. Once the optimal rise time is determined, the phone will ring to wake up the sleepers. The apps can also chart sleep patterns.


(…)¬†These apps work on the motion-sensing capabilities of smartphones — the accelerometer is a less-sophisticated version of what academic researchers use to study patients’ sleep. They can be sensitive to external interference and work best on a standard mattress; Sleep Cycle said it won’t work on the luxury mattress brand Tempur, for example.

The apps can also drain the phone’s battery, and work best when a phone can charge overnight. And then there’s the issue of disturbance by a sleeping partner, or whether there’s even room for the smartphone on the bed in the first place.

Full article on Appedia.

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