(First 100 Days) – Volunteer Invovlement Drives PLUS

PLUS is a member-driven and member-centric organization. This means that members shape and lead the organization and that the focus is on providing value to all members. This is evident by the robust volunteer committee structure at PLUS. I am still learning about all the Committees and what they do, and I am sure many of you may not even be aware of all of the volunteer opportunities, so I thought I would share with you more about the various PLUS committees. Also, over the next few months in various blog post I will talk in further detail about the roles and accomplishments of each committee.

There are currently 161 volunteer positions on committees, subcommittees, or boards at PLUS. In addition, there are 203 Chapter leadership volunteer positions. Below are the PLUS committees.

  • Board of Trustees
    • Executive Committee
    • Nomination & Leadership Committee
    • Finance & Audit Committee
  • PLUS Foundation Board
    • Executive Committee
    • Finance & Audit Committee
  • Editorial Board
  • Conference Committee
    • Content Subcommittee
  • Education Committee
    • Cyber Symposium Chairs
    • D&O Symposium Chairs
    • MPL Symposium Chairs
    • PRS Symposium Chairs
  • Professional Development Committee
    • Academic Advisory Council
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Future PLUS
  • Hong Kong Planning Committee
  • Singapore Planning Committee
  • London Planning Committee
  • Global Development Committee
  • Member-Sponsor Value Committee
  • Chapter Development Committee

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