8 11, 2017

Prior Knowledge: A Critically Important Tenet of Claims-Made Policies

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In advance of next week's PLUS webinar, Prior Knowledge and Understanding the Circumstance and Claim Reporting Provisions (register here), check out this guest post from Brian F. Satkowski, J.D. from BerkleyConstruction Professional, a Berkley Company. Enjoy the post, and don't forget to register for the webinar on 11/15. Prior notice is a critically important tenet of claims-made policies. Misunderstandings between brokers and insureds could potentially result in a tacit waiver of coverage and carriers even justifiably denying the duty to defend a circumstance or claim that should otherwise have been covered. Because we live in a hyper-litigious society, the duty to defend [...]

8 11, 2017

Patrick G. Ryan on changes in insurance and the PLUS1 Award

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Patrick G. Ryan, chairman and CEO of Ryan Specialty Group, was on-site at the 30th PLUS Conference to receive the 2017 PLUS1 Award. While in Atlanta Mr. Ryan joined us in the PLUS Media Zone to discuss changes in the insurance industry over his five decade career and what receiving the PLUS1 Award means to him. We'll post more of our conversation with Patrick G. Ryan later this week.  

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