Matt Simpson and Dan Auslander are here with their sixth episode of “Deal with Me,” a podcast designed to provide insights—both personally and professionally—into the people that lead the Transaction Insurance (TI) industry, and increase the understanding of the TI marketplace, products, and trends. Their guests for this episode are Cecelia Lockner of Goodwin and Sean Whelan of Gallagher Re.

This podcast is the second in a series of three conversations featuring Transactional Insurance Symposium participants.  Cecelia and Sean have served on the Planning Committee of the past two PLUS TI Symposia – volunteering their time and expertise to plan events that provide industry leading panelist discussing cutting edge topics.  In this conversation both guests generously share their unique perspectives as experienced members of the TI market.      

You can register for the PLUS Transactional Risk Symposium now on the PLUS website.

Listen to the podcast below or on the PLUS Connect App:

Cecelia Lockner is counsel in Goodwin Procter LLP’s Complex Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice, and has been practicing in the areas of insurance, indemnification and risk management for nearly 15 years. Ms. Lockner’s work has focused on advising private equity, hedge fund and corporate clients on matters related to directors and officers (D&O) liability and insurance, professional liability insurance for financial institutions, and transactional liability insurance (including representation and warranty (R&W) insurance, tax indemnity insurance and litigation buyout policies). Her work focuses not only on negotiating and placing policies, but also assisting clients in obtaining payment under such policies when claims arise.

Sean Whelan is an Executive Vice President of Gallagher Re (formerly Willis Re).  He is a member of Gallagher Re’s Casualty, Healthcare, and Professional Liability Segments.  Based in the New York office, Sean works with all U.S. offices and Willis Re’s international team to identify and develop new business opportunities as well as new reinsurance/insurance products and is a Client Advocate for several major clients of Gallagher Re.

In his current role at Ambridge Partners, Daniel Auslander is responsible for maintaining and developing their brokerage relationships.  Ambridge, a managing general underwriter, is a market leader in the Transactional Insurance product lines with a keen interest in expanding its product portfolio – including Directors & Officers Liability and Intellectual Property Insurance.

Mintz Member Matthew T. Simpson focuses his practice on helping his clients navigate increasingly complex corporate transactions including leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations and minority investments in the United States and abroad. He is a leader of the firm’s transactional insurance practice, offering his clients increasingly creative and effective ways to distinguish themselves in competitive processes while mitigating downside risk, and acts as underwriting counsel to a leading transactional insurance underwriter.