Hartford Chapter Holds Volunteer Initiative at Hartford Youth Scholars

Twelve members of the PLUS Hartford Chapter volunteered at Hartford Youth Scholars (www.hartfordyouthscholars.org) on May 17th for the Chapter’s annual Volunteer Initiative.  HYS is an organization that provides extracurricular and summer educational programs to students from the City of Hartford starting in sixth grade, with the hope of placing them at independent (boarding) schools and with the ultimate goal of the students graduating from college and returning to work in Hartford.

We prepared school supplies for the students’ summer programs because the group’s goal is for the students not to purchase supplies to participate in the program.  It has been a few years since HYS has been able to provide backpacks to the students, but thanks to the PLUS Foundation, the supplies we prepared will be given to the students in backpacks provided by PLUS.

Below are some “action” shots of PLUS members hard at work…