15 03, 2013

For the Bullied and Beautiful

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Our executive director insisted we share this great video this week - definitely worth dusting off the Fall Through the Cracks Friday franchise. Enjoy! Warning: A bit of not safe for work language in this video - throw on the headphones if you're in a crowd.

22 02, 2013

Cool Science, and the Best Headline Ever

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We found this on Ted.com this week, and of course had to watch the whole video based solely on how compelling the headline is: A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts. No, really. See what we mean? You now have to watch the video as well, right? Enjoy!

28 12, 2012

Finding Truth vs. Fiction Online

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Happy Friday blog readers! This week on Fall Through the Cracks Friday we bring you a fascinating (and somewhat frightening) video from Ted.com on seeking the truth in the torrent of information that is posted online every day (really every second). In the video, journalist Markham Nolan looks at how you can, with a little ingenuity, find "truth" online. A great quote from the video: Truth is emotional, it's fluid, and above all, it's human. No matter how quick we get with computers, no matter how much information we have, you'll never be able to remove the human from the truth-seeking [...]

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