21 12, 2012

How the World WILL End – NOT According to the Mayans

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Happy December 21, Mayan Apocalypse day. OK, so no one likely actually believed that today was it based on a 5 thousand year old calendar from a long-ago (but quite advanced) civilization. In the spirit of almost everyone blogging about the end of the world today we at PLUS blog figured we'd follow suit and share this post about how the Earth is likely to end at some distant point on the calendar, likely much farther out than 5 thousand years. I encourage you to check out the full post, if only for the really cool pictures. From the blog: Here [...]

7 12, 2012

The Math of Charitable Giving

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A recent post at one of our favorite Fall Through the Cracks Friday resources, the Freakonomics Blog, caught our eye this week - probably because of our ongoing Sandy Relief Campaign, where for every $1 you donate it can turn into up to $6! Back to FTTCF - and a look at the economics of charitable giving. From the post: As any 10-year-old can tell you, multiplication is commutative: 2 x $70 is the same as 70 x $2.   But not in charitable giving, it turns out. Making two donations of $70 is a good deal more valuable to [...]

30 11, 2012

Reducing Email by Eliminating “Reply All”

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Happy Friday PLUS Blog readers! We appreciate you stopping by the blog during your busy workday. This week's Fall Through the Cracks Friday feature focuses on the "busy" workday and the amount of time we all deal with emails. Several companies are now offering solutions to reduce email quantity by deactivating the "Reply All" feature. While that feature can, on occasion, be quite helpful I'm sure we've all seen times when it was abused and your inbox is suddenly flooded with messages of limited value. A recent article on Bloomberg Business Week provides a solution: When Gene Sellers, the head [...]

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