5 01, 2023

Privette Doctrine: Not An Absolute Shield

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The "Privette Doctrine" is a well-accepted rule that has governed the liability of general contractors and property owners for workplace injuries suffered by a subcontractor's employee.  In Privette v. Superior Court (1993) 5 Cal.4th 689, the California Supreme Court held that “Generally, when employees of independent contractors are injured in the workplace, they cannot sue the party that hired the contractor to do the work.”  The rationale for this limitation was that the subcontractor's employee will usually be covered under the subcontractor's workers compensation policy. The courts have created various exceptions to this rule, including exceptions based on claims involving [...]

24 08, 2017

Spark Session: The Evolution of Risks With 3D Printing

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The 2017 PLUS Conference will feature a new learning format, Spark Sessions. These fast-paced, 20-minute educational opportunities focus on unique and provocative topics. Attendees will gain critical insight that will inspire new ideas and approaches.  Jura Zibas will host a Spark Session at the 2017 PLUS Conference called "The Evolution of Risks With 3D Printing." The session will focus on the use and risks of 3D printing, and will also discuss intellectual property, software and IoT through an interactive case study. Zibas said the session will teach attendees the importance of  evaluating the risks of 3D technology and using those evaluations as [...]

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