Mark Steward of the SFC on the Global Regulatory Environment

In this clip from the 2014 PLUS Hong Kong Professional Liability Regional Symposium, Mark Steward of the SFC discusses the global regulatory environment.

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Corporate Governance Issues in Asia

From the 2013 PLUS Hong Kong Symposium – Jamie Allen, secretary general of the Asian Corporate Governance Council, identifies and discusses some of the main risks investors identify relating to governance of Asia-based corporations.

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PLUS members can view this entire session, and many more from past PLUS Conferences and Symposia, in the PLUS Multimedia Library.

The Evolution of D&O Insurance in Asia

In a clip from the session “The Evolution of D&O Insurance in Asia” from the 2012 PLUS International Conference, panelists Kevin LaCroix, RPLU (RT ProExec), Arthur X. Dong (Lantai Partners), and Dan Harris (Harris & Moure, PLLC) look at the issues involved in U.S. based insurance coverage for Chinese companies.

For more D&O coverage don’t miss the 2013 PLUS D&O Symposium, February 6 & 7 in New York.

PLUS members can view this entire session in the multimedia library on the PLUS website.

Session panelists not featured in this clip: Arunothayam Rajaratnam (INCE & CO, LLP), moderator Joseph P. Monteleone (Tressler LLP).