25 01, 2021

Make This the Year You Invest in Yourself!

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With the start of a new year, this is the time to invest in your professional development and PLUS offers several on demand educational opportunities that let you learn whenever you have the time. With so many things to balance in our everyday life, on demand education can be a great way to invest in your career as your schedule allows. Did you know that PLUS offers a certificate program with different focus areas? Just this month, PLUS has added the Certificate in Cyber Liability to this program and you can find more information about that and the other PLUS [...]

3 08, 2012

Is Mandating Algebra Necessary?

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This week's Fall Through the Cracks Friday post comes from an opinion piece in last Sunday's New  York Times called "Is Algebra Necessary?" If you'd asked me prior to reading the piece I would have said absolutely, but author Andrew Hacker makes multiple compelling points while suggesting other, perhaps more relevant, areas of study. From the article: Nor is it clear that the math we learn in the classroom has any relation to the quantitative reasoning we need on the job. John P. Smith III, an educational psychologist at Michigan State University who has studied math education, has found that [...]

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