Are insurers keeping pace with healthcare institutions?

From the 2015 PLUS Conference session “The Brave New World of Medicine: Can the PLI Industry Keep Up?,” Audrey N. Greening of INTEGRO discusses the differing pace of change between healthcare institutions and brokers/insurers.

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Medical Claims – From Outsourcing to EMR

In a clip from the 2014 PLUS Medical PL Symposium session “Tackling the Top Claims Trends,” Richard T. Henderson (Transatlantic Re) and Jayme T. Vaccaro (Sedgwick) discuss claims relating to transcription errors, outsourcing and electronic medical records.

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PLUS members can view this entire session in the PLUS Multimedia Library.

Positives in the Rapidly Changing Medical Industry

From the 2013 Medical PL Symposium session “A View From the Top” James Weidner, CEO of Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. highlights some reasons that the future of medicine, and medical professional liability, looks bright.

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Session panelists not featured in this clip: Susan Chmieleski (Allied World), Chad C. Karls (Milliman), M. Michael Zuckerman, JD, MBA (Temple University)