PLUS Executive Director Robbie Thompson featured on IJ website

Robbie Thompson, executive director at PLUS, recently authored an article that was published on the Insurance Journal website this week. The piece, Build a Personal Brand, highlights the pending gap in insurance talent and how young professionals can work to build a brand that will make them stand out in the insurance field. From the article…

What a tremendous opportunity this flow of retirements could be for young professionals that do choose the insurance industry. For those bright, ambitious, forward-looking young professionals, the insurance world could be an amazing opportunity. Sheer numbers alone are on their side, and young professionals’ entrepreneurial spirit and preference for innovation could make them incredibly valuable as the industry changes.

Check out the full article on the Insurance Journal website!

Aspen CEO Mario Vitale on Superstorm Sandy and the Property Market

In this interview with Insurance Journal TV, Mario Vitale, CEO of Aspen Insurance, discusses the impact of Superstorm Sandy on the property market.

For more with Mr. Vitale, as well as Matt Fairfield of ANV and Martin Sullivan OBE of Willis Global Solutions, register for PLUS Europe’s Lessons in Leadership session on 28 November in London.

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