Data Breach Response – Planning is Everything

From the 2013 PLUS International Conference session “Cyber Liability 3.0: Cutting Edge Advancements in Coverage and Services,” panelists Lori Bailey (Zurich) and Jeremy Henley (ID Experts) discuss underwriting considerations for cyber liability coverage and the importance of preparation in the event of a data breach.

The inaugural PLUS Cyber Liability Symposium is taking place April 24 and 25 in Atlanta – don’t miss it for an in-depth look at the key issues in this quickly-evolving market. Register today!

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Cyber Threats to Professional Firms

From the 2013 Professional Risk Symposium session “The Verdict Is In: Cyber Threats are a Risk to Professional Firms,”  moderator Kari A. Timm, Esq. (Walker Wilcox Matousek) and panelists Jeremy Henley (ID Experts) and Regan E. Miller, RPLU (John L. Wortham and Son, L.P.) discuss the risks to mobile device management.

Don’t miss the Singapore Professional Liability Regional Symposium, 18 June at the Marina Mandarin Hotel.

PLUS members can view this entire session in the multimedia library on the PLUS website.