North Central Chapter Supports Urban Boatbuilders

On Thursday, November 9, 2017, PLUS North Central Chapter Committee members Zach Freeman, James Sorenson and Aaron Simon presented Urban Boatbuilders with a charitable contribution check for $3,500 from PLUS Foundation.

Urban Boatbuilders is a non-profit youth development program that builds high quality wooden boats with youth in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  The program hires youth apprentices who qualify as low-income and/or who have employment barriers.  The youth apprentices work alongside Urban Boatbuilders’ instructors learning technical boat building skills while earning money.    The program is a comprehensive program that seeks to empower youth through hands-on learning projects while working to expand the possibilities and paths they envision for their futures.  For more information on Urban Boatbuilders visit their website.

Conference Cause – PLUS Foundation Helps an Atlanta Charity

Daniel Auslander, RPLU of V3 Insurance Partners and current PLUS Foundation Board Member wrote the following recap of the Foundation’s 2017 Conference Cause initiative. Enjoy the recap and photos, and please consider donating to this fantastic cause.

PLUS members care.  PLUS Foundation corporate sponsors care.  And through the PLUS Foundation we give back.

It’s really not complicated.  For a few hours each year before the PLUS Conference begins a group of dedicated volunteers makes an effort to help people in need.  In Atlanta this year the PLUS Foundation, in partnership with a local not-for-profit organization, Lekotek, hosted a Halloween party for physically and mentally challenged children – many of whom had never attended a Halloween party before.

It was a wonderful event.  The room at our host hotel was filled with the happy faces of children and their families.  And the volunteers had a great time too!  It was obvious to every one in the room that it feels really good to give back – and at the same time provides a powerful reminder to us all of how truly fortunate and blessed we are.

The goal is simple – to make the host community better off than before when we arrived for the Conference – by making a difference to a local charity.  And for the 14th straight year the PLUS Foundation accomplished the mission.  Over the years the Foundation has donated more than $500,000 to local not-for-profit organizations.

Telling my family about Conference Cause – I was proud of the PLUS Foundation, PLUS, and its members.  It felt great to share our accomplishments.  We do not often have the opportunity boast about the insurance and professional liability sector – but there is no doubt in my mind that what we accomplished was special.

PLUS Foundation president Chuck Brady presented a check to Lekotek in Atlanta, but we are hoping to add our industry’s financial support of this great organization and we need your help! Make a donation for Lekotek today via the PLUS Foundation website.

You can help us make a difference to families with special needs.  From what we saw at the party I know they will be grateful for your gift.

The professional liability industry has given us all so much – a career, financial resources, business connections, friends and limitless opportunities.  The PLUS Foundation offers an easy way to give back.

Thank you for caring.

Daniel Auslander, RPLU

PLUS Foundation Gives $50,000 to Hurricane Relief

In partnership with the Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS) and on behalf of the industry as a whole, PLUS Foundation announces a $50,000 donation for hurricane relief.

Residents in Texas and Florida, as well as service organizations in those areas, are reeling from the devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  PLUS Foundation, continuing a tradition of support in the aftermath of natural disasters, authorized grants to the United Way of Greater Houston Relief Fund and the United Way of Florida Hurricane Irma Relief Fund to aid in recovery efforts. These organizations and relief funds were selected because of the way in which they engage local leaders in identifying the greatest unmet needs and fund a broad range of services in the impacted areas. Additionally, as established charitable organizations they will remain as cornerstones of the community through the entire disaster recovery process.

If you have been meaning to give but have not yet done so, you can do so directly knowing that 100% of your donation will go to the most important needs.

PLUS Foundation is able to respond to events like hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as well as prior hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, because of all the support we receive from PLUS members and corporate donors.  We are pleased to reflect the generosity of the professional liability insurance community.