22 07, 2021

The New Administration and D&O Risks (a Podcast Series): Impacts on the Industry

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Carl Metzger joins Kevin LaCroix and Rob Yellen for their third and best-ever podcast episode on the New Administration and D&O Risks. This can’t-miss panel shares fresh insights on how the Biden administration has and will impact the D&O industry. "The Administration is going to be more active,” cautioned Carl Metzger, “[There is] going to be a ramp-up of intensity and scrutiny by this administration.” Areas of the panel’s focus included: (i) the impact of executive orders and how the latest seems a “shot across the bow”, (ii) gamification and other SEC rulemaking priorities—some of which are beginning to look [...]

8 07, 2021

PLUS Midwest Chapter: The Peaks and Pits of Artificial Intelligence

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The PLUS Midwest Chapter came together with an excellent panel of speakers to discuss the peaks and pits of artificial intelligence in the professional liability industry. Bronson Smith moderates Kirsten Charlton, Rich Gatz, and Chris Hedenberg in their conversation about how AI might affect the professional liability industry, what benefits it may bring, and what insurers and brokers should watch out for as this technology becomes more widely available. Listen to the full episode of the podcast below, or listen on the PLUS Connect App: Kirsten Charlton is the US Head of Business Strategy & Operations at Argo Group. Over [...]

17 06, 2021

Deal with Me: Transaction Insurance Leaders Chat featuring Mary Duffy

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The fourth episode of "Deal with Me" is here! In this podcast series, Matt Simpson and Dan Auslander provide insights—both personally and professionally—into the people that lead the Transaction Insurance industry, and increase the understanding of the Transaction Insurance marketplace, products, and trends. Their guest for this episode is Mary Duffy, head of AIG's global Mergers and Acquisitions Group. Listen below to episode four: Mary Duffy is a former practicing attorney who heads AIG’s global Mergers & Acquisitions Insurance Group, specializing in Reps & Warranties Insurance, Tax Insurance and other solutions to facilitate deals.  After starting her career with Morgan, [...]

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