The 2017 PLUS Conference will feature a new learning format, Spark Sessions. These fast-paced, 20-minute educational opportunities focus on unique and provocative topics. Attendees will gain critical insight that will inspire new ideas and approaches. 

Andrea Hoeschen HeadshotAndrea Hoeschen will host a Spark Session at the PLUS 2017 Conference called “The Defend Trade Secrets Act: Mitigating the Risk”.

Hoeschen said the session will discuss what businesses should do to take advantage of The Defend Trade Secrets Act’s (DTSA) trade secrets protections. The DTSA gives American companies the chance to take action against misappropriation of important propriety information in federal court. Before the DTSA was enacted, this action could only be taken at the state level, where the laws were different across state lines.

Hoeschen said that even though the law is barely a year old, there has already been significant litigation regarding the law.

This Spark Session will be beneficial to anyone who works with trade secrets or supervises people who work with trade secrets. Hoeschen said it will also be beneficial for attorneys and insurers who advise companies on risk management.

Hoeschen said she hopes people learn how the DTSA can be a tool to protect trade secrets, and how they should manage employees who have access to trade secrets so they can take advantage of those protections.

Attendees “will also position themselves to be able to litigate more effectively and efficiently should litigation be a necessary response to trade secret misappropriation.

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