The PLUS Foundation and PLUS Eastern Chapter extends a BIG thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and hard work to the Monday Night Hospitality event held Monday, July 15 in New York City.  The PLUS Foundation, in conjunction with the PLUS Eastern Chapter, donated $5,000 to Monday Night Hospitality and 650 pairs of Bombas socks which were handed out to attendees as they left for the night (150 pairs purchased by PLUS Foundation and 500 pairs donated by Bombas).  We received this gracious note the following morning:

“Words often fall short when trying to properly express gratitude and thanks – but allow me to offer a heartfelt and emphatic THANK YOU to the entire PLUS organization for its generosity and support of the mission of Monday Night Hospitality.  Last night’s team did an amazing job of feeding both the bodies and souls of our guests. It’s hard to often quantify the value of the work we do between the hours of 9 and 5 – but I think that it is fair to say that both hearts and stomachs were full after your amazing efforts.  Looking forward to continuing our partnership and helping our neighbors in need.”

-James Riviezzo, Client Director of AIG and Monday Night Hospitality Board Member

Monday Night Hospitality provides compassionate social services by serving a hot fresh meal to the homeless, elderly, unemployed and poor residents in a dignified style with table cloths and music. 30,000 meals are served each year to the community on Monday nights.  We are proud to support such a great cause.  More pictures of the event are below.