I’m back in the office today after playing in the Eastern Chapter Golf tournament (see yesterday’s blog post for photos) and since I was in New Jersey I was able to visit with some PLUS members at Chubb in Warren, NJ. Being back in the office means spending hours going through material trying to get “up to speed” on PLUS. Between meetings with staff and making phone calls, I am reviewing past board minutes, committee minutes, bylaws, contracts, financials, and a myriad of other information and data. I am finding it all amazingly fascinating. As I go through this exploration of PLUS and find or develop new data, I am going to share some of the numbers with you. So here a few pretty basic but very interesting number I have recently come across.

1588 – The number of unique companies that employ PLUS members (note some may be subsidiaries of another company)

2655 – Number of PLUS members that identify underwriter as their skill.

1699 – Number of PLUS members that identify attorney as their skill.

1547 – Number of PLUS members that identify broker as their skill

Note – there are also a number of other areas listed by PLUS members and members are able to choose more than one skill so there is some overlap.