This week I have been able to connect in one capacity or another with four past PLUS Presidents. It made me wonder who are all the men and women who served have as the Presidents of PLUS? And of course we happen to have that list, so I figured I would share that with you. Without these people and the thousands of other board members, trustees, committee members, chapter leaders, and other passionate volunteers who so generously volunteered their time over the years, PLUS would not be the strong, vibrant, relevant organization it is today. So, as I wrap up my first full week as the Executive Director of PLUS, I wanted to thank all the current and former volunteers of PLUS for building this great organization and for allowing me the opportunity to be part of it.

1989 Douglas Boyce
1990 James Young
1991 Angelo Gioia
1992 Leo Gilmartin
1993 Robert Hansen
1994 L.David Smith
1995 Raymond Wahl
1996 Sean Pattwell
1997 William Mullin
1998 Frederick Fisher
1999 Christopher Cavallaro
2000 Stephen Gerstman
2001 Peter Wilson
2002 Michelle Romano
2003 Peter Cottrell
2004 Kevin LaCroix
2005 Sean Fitzpatrick
2006 Jeffrey Klenk
2007 Patrick Kelly
2008 Stephen Sills
2009 David Bell
2010 Daniel Auslander
2011 Daniel Standish
2012 Jeffrey Lattmann
2013 David Williams
2014 Christopher Duca
2015 James Skarzynksi