(First 100 Days) Cyber Symposium Luncheon Keynote Speaker Preview

I had my first PLUS Executive Committee meeting earlier this week. I also attended my first educational session at PLUS U. And, I attended my first chapter meeting a few weeks before that. In fact, I have had a lot of first recently. And, now I am really getting excited about another upcoming first for me – attending a PLUS Symposia. In this case it is the Cyber Symposium. And what a great event this looks to be.

If you have not registered for the PLUS Cyber Symposium I strongly encourage you do so. The Cyber Symposium is September 17th at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel and Towers in downtown Chicago. There is a full lineup of great speakers, panels, and topics on this important and frequently changing area of liability insurance.

In advance of the Symposium I wanted to share with you an interview done recently by keynote luncheon speaker at the Cyber Symposium, Rod Beckstrom, former National Cybersecurity Center Director. Check it out and then go to the PLUS website to register for the Cyber Symposium.

Rod Beckstrom Discusses the IRS Breach


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