2,501 – What is significant about this number? It’s not the year that we will finally have flying cars. It’s not the number people per square block in New York or total square miles of Luxembourg. And, its only slightly more than the variety of potato chips on the shelves at your local grocery store. No, this number is the total number RPLU’s. That is 2,501 Registered Professional Liability Underwriters. That is 2,501 people who have studied diligently, passed rigorous exams, and at least a portion of their career in the professional liability industry. These 2,501 professionals have shown a commitment to better their career and make themselves even more valuable to their organization by obtaining this designation.

Professional certification is the voluntary process by which individuals are evaluated against predetermined standards for knowledge, skills, or competencies. Certification is something more than receiving a certificate for attending or participating in a class. It requires demonstrated accomplishment of the learning objectives through an evaluation process, generally through an exam, and only those passing that evaluation are awarded the certification. The obtain the RPLU, participants must –

  • Read eight core modules and pass seven exams;
  • Read and pass exams on five elective modules; and
  • Have two years of working experience in the professional liability industry.

The RPLU program for years has provided real value to the professional liability industry. It helps companies have a more a educated work force and provides real career enhancement for the participants. I encourage you the visit the PLUS website and find our more about how you can become an RPLU.