From the 2015 PLUS webinar “The Rising Specter of Cyber Risks for Directors & Officers,” William Dougherty of Hays Companies looks at cyber coverage and how it has (and is) impacting other professional lines of coverage.

For the very latest on privacy and data security issues join PLUS and hundreds of your insurance industry colleagues for the 2015 Cyber Liability Symposium on September 17 in Chicago. Sessions for this industry-leading event include:

  • How to Sell Cyber Insurance to Different Industries
  • Let’s Debate! Cyber Hot Topics (where attendees help pick the debate topics)
  • Preparing for Cyber Armageddon (luncheon keynote by Rod Beckstrom)
  • Emerging Cyber Risks: Terrorism, Crime & Ransomware
  • Pre-Breach Risk Management & Vendor Management Issues
  • Internet of Things: Boundless Exposures & Privacy Issues

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