The PLUS Think Tanks are a new volunteer role that provides PLUS staff with valuable insights on a variety of professional liability insurance markets. Think Tanks meets 2-3 times per year to provide ideas for the PLUS Symposium as well as the other PLUS content channels including webinars, the PLUS Journal Blog, and podcasts. During the PLUS Transactional Risk Think Tank call in August, the group discussed several topics and areas of interest for professional liability practitioners including:

  • Arbitration vs litigation trends
  • Intellectual Property and collateral backed insurance
  • How Reps and Warranties works with other insurance
  • Exploring the International perspective including the uniqueness of claims and underwriting and the use of MGAs
  • Tower arrangements and structures
  • Claims trends including pre-closing and post-closing loss allocation, condition of asset type claims and trends beyond America by including Europe and Asia perspective
  • Emerging trends like Judgement Preservation Insurance, the low-rate environment, AI and how it is being used on deals to do due diligence, and the influx of private credit

PLUS would like to thank the EPL Think Tank members for sharing their time and expertise with PLUS.

  • Nancy Adams, Mintz Levin
  • Jeff Anderson, ASQ Underwriting
  • Dan Auslander, RPLU, Ambridge Partners, LLC
  • Alex Hopkins, Travelers
  • Andrea Lawerence, Euclid Transactional, LLC
  • Ken Sebastianelli, DUAL Commercial
  • Aaron Zeid, Gallagher

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