Kerman’s Korner: Trust Your Own Effort, with Cassie Jones

As promised, Kerman’s Korner returns with a guest speaker: Cassie Jones from Walker Wilcox Matousek!

Cassie shares a story about her first mediation when she was a young lawyer, and the importance of trusting in your own judgment, even when the going gets tough.  Enjoy!

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Kerman’s Korner: How Much Data is Too Much Data?

kermanskorner-01315662xae57eFor the first ever Kerman’s Korner Quick Hit, Jeremy focuses in on the world of data breaches and cyber liability.  Highlighting a story about a data transfer gone awry, Jeremy suggests a helpful tip for companies big and small that collect customer and employee data.

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Kerman’s Korner: A Little Critical Thinking Goes a Long Way

kermanskorner-01315662xae57eKerman’s Korner is back, with Jeremy sharing a story about how some critical thinking made him realize what the real issue was in an insurance coverage claim.

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