Kerman’s Korner: A Little Critical Thinking Goes a Long Way

kermanskorner-01315662xae57eKerman’s Korner is back, with Jeremy sharing a story about how some critical thinking made him realize what the real issue was in an insurance coverage claim.

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Kerman’s Korner: The Blueprint for an Unsolved Mystery

kermanskorner-01315662xae57eWhen faced with a case involving an unsolved murder, Jeremy discusses how he and his team came up with an innovative solution when there was no guidance from prior case law.  For previous episodes of Kerman’s Korner, please click here.

Kerman’s Korner: Sometimes Being Different is Being Right

kermanskorner-01315662xae57eKerman’s Korner returns for the new year with Jeremy discussing an arbitration that required some outside-the-box thinking, and how he learned that sometimes it’s the things you DON’T do that make all the difference.