Jason Christopher invites you to attend the PLUS Cyber Symposium

Jason Christopher, chief technology officer for Axio Global, invites you to join him at the 2017 PLUS Cyber Liability Symposium.

His panel, “Securing Society’s Lifeline: Insurance as Part of the Critical Infrastructure,” will not be recorded for on-demand viewing, so the only chance you will have to see it is in-person at the event.

Don’t miss this great event… register now!

Hartford Chapter Lunches and Learns on Jan. 5

On January 5 the PLUS Hartford Chapter gathered at Infinity Music Hall for a luncheon and educational session on Discrimination Claims Trends and the Role of the CHRO.

Deputy Director Cheryl Sharp and Staff Attorney Alix Simonetti of the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) provided an overview on discrimination trends and a description of the processes by which the CHRO investigates complaints, and how those may make their way into the civil justice system and liability insurance.

There were about 50 attendees. Attorneys Sharp and Simonetti were introduced by John Labelle, chair of the Hartford Chapter.

Many thanks to Education Subcommittee member Judith Baum-Baron, who suggested the topic and contacted the CHRO.