30 11, 2023

The Employment Law Counselor Hosted by Jeff Stewart Episode 7

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How Insurers and Panel Counsel Work Together In the newest episode of The Employment Law Counselor, Jeff Stewart interviews Mitch Terk, Vice President of Claims for Nexus Specialty, to explore how insurers and panel counsel work together.  They have an insightful discussion on how an insurance company selects and assigns panel counsel, building relationships, and avoiding surprises as a matter progresses through litigation. You can listen to the podcast episode below or for easy access on the go, listen to the podcast on the PLUS Connect App. The transcript for this podcast recording is available to view below. The-Employment-Law-Counselor-Hosted-by-Jeff-Stewart-Episode-7-TranscriptDownload Meet the [...]

28 11, 2023

The Business Judgement Rule and the Entire Fairness Standard As It Applies to Controlling Stockholders

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Directors owe a duty of loyalty to their company and its stockholders. That duty requires that a director act in good faith and in the best interests of the company and stockholders, rather than in the director’s own interests or in the interests of someone to whom the director is beholden, controlled by, or otherwise dependent upon.[i]  Courts employ up to two standards of review when assessing challenged business transactions: the business judgment rule; or the entire fairness standard.  Paramount to the outcome of the challenge is the standard under which a director’s actions are reviewed.  If the court finds [...]

16 11, 2023

Inside the PLUS Cyber Think Tank: Unveiling Insights and Innovations in Professional Liability Insurance Markets

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The PLUS Think Tanks are a new volunteer role that provides PLUS staff with valuable insights on a variety of professional liability insurance markets. Think Tanks meets 2-3 times per year to provide ideas for the PLUS Symposium as well as the other PLUS content channels including webinars, the PLUS Journal Blog, and podcasts. During the PLUS Cyber Think Tank call in August, the group discussed several topics and areas of interest for professional liability practitioners including: Artificial intelligence (AI) and how can cyber handle this complex gathering of data and the legal and regulatory implications. The continued evolution of [...]

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