31 08, 2023

PLUS Podcast: In the Boardroom with Resnick and Fuller Episode 6

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In today’s episode, Stephanie and John discuss a recent Supreme Court decision that has the potential to upset well-settled law on the fundamental question of when a court may exercise jurisdiction over a corporate defendant. Ultimately, the decision enforced a Pennsylvania law requiring out-of-state companies that register to do business in Pennsylvania to agree to appear in Pennsylvania courts on “any cause of action” against them. The plaintiff in the case is a Norfolk Southern employee who lives in Virginia and never worked in Pennsylvania. Stephanie and John will explore the short-term and long-term effects of the Mallory decision, including [...]

29 08, 2023

Education Amplified: Highlights and Takeaways from PLUS University

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PLUS welcomed over 70 practitioners who have recently joined the professional liability field to PLUS University on August 14th & 15th in Chicago to experience the premier educational program for new professional liability practitioners. Attendees had professional backgrounds in a variety of areas such as underwriting, claims, risk management, brokerage, and account and client management. This event consisted of 9 educational sessions led by industry leaders over the course of the two-day event. View the speaker lineup under the "Speakers" tab here. Check out the 2023 highlight reel below to see why others attended. PLUS University 2023 Chicago from PLUS [...]

22 08, 2023

Basic Security Can Prevent Small Businesses From Losing Millions

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Inexpensive measures working in tandem with your insurance policy can save your organization from a crippling cyber incident When it comes to cyber security incidents, describing the fallout can be abstract and hard to quantify. There can be vagaries to describe the damage wrought across different industries and organizations, as each may have a unique risk profile that impacts losses and recovery. Yet one thing is certain, a cyber attack on a business can cause significant damage to a business, one that may even threaten its very existence.   With that in mind, take a moment to consider if your [...]

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