1 09, 2021

PLUS Content Recap for August

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The PLUS Blog officially has a new look! We hope you’ve enjoyed the new look and feel of the blog as you’ve been clicking around the excellent content this past month. We had written pieces on the ongoing impact of the #MeToo movement and the new Biometric Identifier Information law put into effect in New York City. We also had podcasts where PLUS CEO Robbie Thompson spoke to last year’s winners of the Emerging Leader award. And a huge round of applause for our new 2022 LAMP Cohort, announced just over a week ago! Written content for August: The Legacy [...]

29 07, 2021

PLUS Content Recap for July

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We’re continuing strong with great content on the PLUS Blog! This month saw multiple articles breaking down recent court decisions, as well as discussions on the ever-evolving nature of cyber security. Written content for July: Insurer Permitted to Sue Panel Law Firm for Malpractice—Christopher Butler examines the recent Florida Supreme Court decision on whether an insurance carrier can bring a legal malpractice claim against a law firm that the carrier hired to defend its insured. COVID-19 Vaccine or Termination? Judge Upholds Employer Mandate—Dana Ring looks at a recent decision from the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Texas, [...]

30 06, 2021

PLUS Content Recap for June

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June was a great month for written content here on the PLUS Blog, with our first three-part article, focused on private quality and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the industry. We had our Management and PL Trend Advisor Insight Report from Tina Fletcher, as well as an Insight Report piece on BIPA from D&O Trend Advisor Jonathan Meer. Written content for June: PLUS Healthcare & MedPL Symposium Session Questions and Answers—Peter Cridland, Paul Greve, and Lori Semlies provide answers to audience questions from their PLUS Healthcare & Medical PL Symposium panel, COVID-19 MPL Claims: Tidal Wave or Trickle? COVID-19 [...]

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