Former Florida Governor and 2013 International Conference Speaker Jeb Bush recently sat down with ABC News “This Week”.

Here is the link to the full interview.  In it he states: 

“If you measure it by outcomes, 25 percent of kids pass all of the four segments of the ACT Test which means that they’re college or career ready . About a third or be generous and say 20 percent don’t graduate at all, that’s failure.

I think higher standards is really the element of this that’s most important. If you dumb down the standards everybody feels good. Little Johnny can get a piece of paper that says he graduated from high school, but this massive remediation that’s necessary to access higher education is evidence that we’re not bench marking ourselves to college readiness or to the best in the world. So higher standards matter. The commonality of them, in this case 45 states voluntarily creating them.

The common core standards in language, arts and math  is important because it creates greater transparency. Curriculum is developed, my guess is, in this kind of system where there is common expectations.

You’ll have 1,000 different flowers blooming as it relates to curriculum. It will be diverse and alive which is what we need. There will be a lot more innovations.”

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Chris Duca
2013 PLUS Conference Chair