(First 100 Days) Plus Women’s Leadership Network Event – SOLD OUT!

Another tremendous turnout for a PLUS event. This time it is the PLUS Foundation Women’s Leadership Network event being held in Chicago on September 2, 2015, in partnership with the Midwest Chapter. The event titled, Successfully Navigating the Industry, a View from Women Leaders in Chicago, has reached its maximum capacity. Yes, another event Sold Out!

A special thank you goes out to Laura Zaroski, the event Chair, who worked tirelessly to help put this together. Laura told me that she is really looking forward to this event and  hopes this leads to even more events for women in the Chicago area where they can network and learn from one another. In particular, she said she is excited about the speakers and really interested to hear from the Plaintiffs attorney on the panel. I will be in Chicago and I am also looking forward to the event.

Scheduled to speak:
Peggy Aldape – Managing Director, Insurance Services, Mesirow Financial
Kelley Kinsella – Senior VP & Regional Executive Officer Midwest Region, Ace Group
Darlene A. Vorachek – Partner, Abrahamsom, Vorachek & Levinsonn

Thank you as well to the Midwest Chapter and Chapter Chair Jim Stewart for helping make this happen. And, of course this event would not be possible without the support of the event sponsors. Thank you for sponsoring.




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