PLUS essentials is the newest educational of­fering from PLUS—an online platform that presents PLUS’ industry-leading educational content in an interactive and engaging format. PLUS essentials is perfect for young professionals, new hires and support staff, and anyone who need a strong foundation in the primary concepts of professional liability.

Each of the PLUS essentials modules are available on-demand at any computer with internet access, and take just 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The online presentation makes learning fun—the interactive text with integrated audio and video keeps the learner’s attention while the real-time quizzes provide instant feedback and proof of learn­ing.

There are five PLUS essentials courses available to anyone interested in knowing more about professional liability insurance:

  • History of Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) introduces learners to the need for PLI, the history of the indus­try, and how the industry is structured. From these basic building blocks, learners are introduced to the types of profession­als who work in the industry, and some of the sig­nificant tort reforms that have changed it over time.
  • Commercial Gen­eral Liability (CGL) Insurance Basics explains CGL coverage and the historical development of liabil­ity coverage. Students learn the types of exposures CGL insurance responds to, the coverages it provides, and why it will not respond to PL exposures. Finally, it introduces Excess and Umbrella Liability Insurance and explains the similarities and differences between these types of coverage.
  • PLI Concepts provides a glimpse into the features that are unique to Professional Liabil­ity Insurance. Learners discover how PLI policies work, who is covered, and how policies can be tailored for a variety of professional services. Anyone starting out in pro­fessional liability or moving into a career in PLI from other lines of insurance will benefit from taking this course.
  • Introduction to Directors and Officers Li­ability Insurance provides an overview of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, including key reasons why D&O in­surance is essential for directors and officers to­day. The module covers how D&O policies work, the various sources of liability, including state and federal laws, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and reforms such as the Private Securities Liti­gation Reform Act (PSLRA).
  • Introduction to Medical Professional Li­ability Insurance provides a brief history of MedPLI and an overview of the types of facilities and individuals that MedPLI protects. The course reviews the two main forms of coverage—oc­currence and claims-made—and why claims-made coverage is preferable for long tail expo­sures. It also touches on exposures that dentists and other allied healthcare profession­al employees face.

Learners receive documentation of successful completion of each course, and can take an exam to obtain Continuing Education (CE) credits. The exam covering the five-part program is available and approval of CE is pending.

Discover the value of PLUS essentials as a training tool today.