In the past seven weeks I’ve been to PLUS chapter meetings, golf outings, and PLUS U. I’ve listened to webinars and been at Women’s Leadership Network events. I’ve participated in Board meetings and Executive Committee meetings. And, I’ve been able to work behind the scenes on large PLUS events, but until last week I have not been to a large PLUS event. That changed as last week I attended the PLUS Cyber Liability Conference. If you attended, thank you and please complete the survey so that we can continue to make this conference even better. If you were not in attendance, I encourage you to ask those that were what they thought and consider attending next year in New York. Also, if you were or were not their, this blog has some great pictures, videos, and stories about the Cyber Conference – please take a look.

So what did I think of the Cyber Liability Conference? I thought it was a great experience for attendees, especially considering it was PLUS’s first standalone cyber liability conference. It was interactive, fast paced, with excellent panels and high-level keynote speakers. It was obvious how much work the Conference Chairs put into ensuring strong, relevant, and interesting panels. Additionally, I think adding speakers remotely and via video added a new dimension and depth to the meeting. And, finally I found the networking lively and conversations very interesting.

Of course with this event we’re just getting started. Again, this was the first standalone PLUS cyber event but I believe this conference provides a tremendous platform for PLUS and the industry to be even more forward-looking. To explore cutting edge meeting and educational event methods. And, to feature developing trends and new technology. Staff and volunteers are committed to being innovative and future focused with this event and I can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year. The future is bright for the Cyber Liability Conference and look forward to seeing you at next year’s event.