Stephanie Lynch, First Future PLUS Member to Register for 2018 PLUS Conference

The PLUS Conference is a destination event for the professional liability insurance industry, bringing practitioners from around the world together for 3 days of learning, networking and a healthy dose of fun. Two weeks ago you may have seen a profile of Harvey Heller, the first person to register for this year’s Conference. Today we share another attendee profile:Stephanie Lynch

Stephanie Lynch, RPLU is AVP Treaty Reinsurance for Safety National Re in Morristown, NJ. She is the first Future PLUS member to register for the 2018 PLUS Conference, and shared some of her reasons why its an event worth flying across the country to attend.

Why is it a priority for you to register for the PLUS conference?
The PLUS conference is a whirlwind of ingesting information from esteemed panelists, meeting with brokers and clients, and networking to build strong connections with other professionals in the industry. It is a busy few days, but with so many professional liability industry people in the same place at the same time, you’re bound to have a positive and productive week.

What are you most looking forward to about the 2018 PLUS Conference in San Diego?
Interacting with existing clients and potential new clients, networking with industry peers and leaders, reflecting on the past year in the market and looking forward to the next. I also gained a lot of insight from last year’s keynote speakers and look forward to the 2018 keynotes. PLUS puts together a great event, packed with information and networking opportunities and it’s always a great way to kick off 1/1 renewal season!

Why is it important for young professionals to attend the PLUS Conference? 
It is a great opportunity as a young professional to find yourself amidst many great industry leaders for a few days. You have the chance to do a lot of networking as well as learn about various issues and trends in the professional liability market, which you can then take back to your desk.

Join Stephanie in San Diego this November for the 2018 PLUS Conference. Full event details are available by clicking the graphic below.


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