The annual PLUS Conference is just a little more than a month away, and this year’s event has an incredible array of speakers, panels, and education sessions. Here is an exclusive look at one of the panels happening at the conference.

Kevin LaCroix, RPLU and author of the D&O Diary, will be moderating a panel on Thursday, November 8, on the wide array of new D&O exposures as well as how underwriters are tackling these new coverage trends. Panelists Nora McGee, Vice President, AIG, and Cathy Padalino, Senior Vice President, Aon, will discuss how these new exposures are currently affecting the industry and what we can expect to see going forward.

Below is the full panel summary and white papers from Kevin LaCroix’s D&O Diary blog. Keep an eye out for future blog posts with previews of panels and sessions happening at the conference so you can get the most out of this incredible event. If you haven’t registered yet, claim your spot now— see you in San Diego!

Thursday, November 8, 9 a.m.– New D&O Exposures & Coverage Trends in Underwriting

Directors & officers of publicly traded companies have never faced more uncertain times than they do today. Emerging exposures, disruptions to traditional business models, ever-changing regulations, new Supreme Court decisions, #MeToo and the Internet of Things continue to make this big world smaller and smaller. The panel will look closely at new and trending exposures – from both traditional and new sources globally and review which D&O claims are most surprising and most anticipated in today’s landscape. Trends in both federal securities class actions and derivative actions will be discussed along with developments in regulatory enforcement actions. Rising exposures by industry, including pharma, energy and healthcare along with uncertainty created by expanding SEC jurisdiction for ICOs, increasing required guidance in areas like cyber, and the SEC’s ever- increasing use of administrative proceedings in adjudicating enforcement actions offer much to consider. In addition, the rising of a new plaintiff’s bar brings its own implications of what is filed and where. Finally, how do Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence fit into this picture? Are we seeing D&O claims in these areas? Are companies addressing potential exposures within their governance guidelines? The panel will attempt to harness the latest burgeoning set of exposures faced by corporate directors and officers and address the implications for coverage under the Directors’ & Officers’ D&O insurance policy. Subjects including new exposures, claims, jurisdiction, case law, coverage triggers, potential claims issues along with new coverage enhancements will be covered.

Moderator: Kevin LaCroix, RPLU
Executive Vice President, RT ProExec, RT Specialty

Nora McGee
Vice President, AIG
Cathy Padalino
Senior Vice President, Aon

White Papers:

1. Yahoo Settles Data Breach-Related Securities Suit for $80 million

2. Massive Derivative Suit Settlement for Alleged Management Failure to Prevent Sexual Misconduct

3. Do Privacy Issues Represent the Next Big D&O Liability Exposure?

4. Investor Files Sexual Misconduct-Related D&O Claim Against Wynn Resorts Board

5. We Need to Talk About ICOs, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain