Dr. James Bagian on Medical Errors

From his keynote at the 2016 PLUS Medical PL/Professional Risk Symposia, Dr. James Bagian discusses patient safety and focusing on goals vs. tactics.

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PLUS Cyber Keynote Making Headlines

Former hacker Peiter “Mudge” Zatko is making the news today. As Director of the Cyber Independent Testing Laboratory he is working on a system to rate the relative security of commercially available software, something that is not presently available.

There is a great profile of him and his efforts today on Fortune. From the article…

Among the people most interested in the fine-grained results of the software ratings are insurance companies, which have been hard-pressed to estimate reasonable premiums for insurance against hackers.

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The Value of Mock Trial Exercies

From the 2016 PLUS Professional Risk Symposium session “Your Case Evaluation – Would the Jury Agree?,” Richard Simpson (Wiley Rein) and April Otterberg (Jenner & Block) discuss approaches to and value from mock trial exercises in professional liability cases.

The 2016 PLUS Cyber Liability Symposium  is coming to New York City on September 27. This event sold out last year, so don’t get left out… register today and claim your seat!


PLUS members can view this entire session in the PLUS Multimedia Library.