19 12, 2022

The Importance of Cybersecurity Due Diligence in M&A Transactions

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Mergers and acquisitions give organizations the potential to increase capabilities, diversify offerings and expand market share, but they also present considerable risks. And while companies usually review financial, strategic, legal and operational details before completing an M&A transaction, another important concern is often overlooked: cybersecurity. When organizations don’t complete a detailed cyber evaluation of target companies before a merger or acquisition, it creates an unnecessary risk – one that can result in significant financial and legal challenges. A data breach could not only threaten a company’s business assets and functions, but also could lower its profits, market value and brand [...]

5 12, 2022

A Review of Cyber (Re)insurance in 2022

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A Review of Cyber (Re)insurance in 2022 Guided by the Lyrics of The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony Many things have changed in cyber (re)insurance since I wrote a ‘Year in Review’ piece in 2021—a year which was best known for newsworthy events like Kaseya, Colonial Pipeline, and Log4j. A recent PLUS San Diego panel touched on topics pertinent to cyber (re)insurance’s growing pains in 2022, but I would like to take this opportunity to dig in a bit further. To start, let me disclaim that my point of view on this is my own, based on my experience employed with [...]

7 11, 2022

Executive Summary: The Betterley Report’s Cyber Insurance for Healthcare Market Survey 2022

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The Betterley Report’s Cyber Insurance for Healthcare Market Survey 2022 analyzes the reasons why rates and deductibles are going up for many and spotlights the most important stories, such as ransomware attacks uniquely impacting the healthcare sector. The Report includes a discussion about the state of the market, and detailed comparisons for each insurer, of their market focus, coverage wording, extensions, capacity, and risk management services. You can read the executive summary in PDF form below and you can find additional report highlights and order the full report here. PLUS-Summary-Cyber-Insurance-for-Healthcare-Market-Survey-Oct-2022Download Meet the Author Richard S. Betterley, LIA, is the president [...]

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