PLUS Canada Volunteers at Lawyers Feed the Hungry

On September 7 the PLUS Canada Chapter volunteered with Lawyers Feed the Hungry, an organization which provides meals to those in need in the Toronto area.

The dinner that PLUS Foundation sponsored was very well received by the 347 guests that were served.  The proceeds from PLUS Foundation went directly to sponsor the costs for the meal. Volunteers split up the duties of serving meals, soup, beverages (milk, tea, and coffee), and dessert.  The guests were very appreciative of the sponsorship of the dinner, they were interested to learn more about the association and commented on the sharp PLUS Foundation shirts!  It was a special event and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to support our local community.

Special thanks from the PLUS Ontario committee and Lawyers Feed the Hungry for the generous support from the PLUS Foundation ($3,500 total sponsorship)


PLUS Canada Volunteers: Yee Huang, Jeffrey Ballard, Steve Carreiro, James Bennett, Karthika Francis, Rohit Trivedi, Priya Vansh, Ryan Seager, Sarah Gibson and David Barry.

To find out more about Lawyers Feed the Hungry please visit their website.



Hartford Chapter Volunteers at The Hole in the Wall

A group of 26 PLUS volunteers from the Hartford Chapter spent the day preparing The Hole in the Wall campus for their annual gala.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Ashford, Connecticut.  The daily activities included an educational tour of the facility and unlimited “Newman’s Own” Lemonade and Ice Tea.  All of our volunteers had a strong connection to the purpose while we also discovered that some of our volunteers were also parents of children who have attended the camp. This is just one of the many charities that the Hartford Chapter of PLUS has supported through the PLUS Foundation this year.