The PLUS Conference always has top notch education opportunities, and this year was no exception. There were a multiple types of sessions with a wide variety of topics, keeping you informed about trending topics in the industry while pushing new ideas and information.

Executive Forums, our sessions geared towards senior corporate leaders, discussed topics such as the necessity of inclusion in the workplace and the current shifting role of the corporate general counsel.

Spark sessions were back at this year’s conference, and they were a huge hit. These fast-paced, 20 minute sessions hit on hot topics across the professional liability industry. There were Spark Sessions on the risks of automated technology, such as driverless cars and drones, as well as a session on the risks of social movements. From Blockchain and Bitcoin, to cannabis and opioids, to networking and service dogs, Spark sessions featured many interesting and topical subjects. 

The Education Sessions at this year’s conference were incredible, as well. There were sessions on every branch of the industry, from a panel on the latest trends in Cyber Liability to a discussion of the increasingly frequent mega-verdicts in Medical Professional Liability. Some of the sessions were standing room only! We’re proud to bring you the latest information and ideas, and look forward to even more stellar education sessions next year.