Our hearts are heavy and filled with profound sadness. The senseless death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, here in Minneapolis, home city of PLUS and its staff, point to the bigotry and racism that remain endemic and tolerated in parts of our society. This sorrowful event, and other recent senseless killings, and the protests that are occurring in cities across the country have shaken our nation to its core and ignited frustration and anger across the globe.

As an association committed to inclusiveness and diversity, PLUS and our industry must reflect on the pain this event has caused many of our members and communities. Pain only compounded by the challenges faced during an international health pandemic and intensified by subsequent violence that has overshadowed peaceful protesting. PLUS has taken steps to be more inclusive and strengthen opportunities for underrepresented groups in our industry, including its Leadership and Mentorship Program (LAMP) and its commitment through its Diversity & Inclusion Committee and D&I plan. But these tragic events certainly highlight the need to do more.

We must speak up, stand up and act together to seek reform to end racial injustice and discrimination in our society. And, PLUS is committed to playing a role in that effort in our industry and our communities by fostering constructive dialogue among our members. At PLUS we promote a shared sense of belonging and mutual respect for all members, employees, and customers. We call upon our members to join with PLUS and its leaders to participate in efforts to eliminate racism and ensure an inclusive, compassionate environment.

Know that our heavy hearts are also filled with hope. Hope that through the efforts of many we can bring meaningful, permanent change. We look forward to making this effort with you in the future.


Robbie Thompson, CEO, PLUS