The exposures of the cannabis industry are unique for the Board of Directors and the risk transfer contractual nuances are radically more pronounced than traditional private company executive risk. The risks include jurisdictional issues at the State and Federal level, licensing and regulatory issues, investor profile and make-up of the Boards, banking concerns and much more. While watching this webinar on-demand recording, you will learn about cannabis exposures, claims frequency and severity trends as well as what boards and senior officers of an organization can expect to see from the PL industry in the next 6 months and beyond.

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  • Very good information. Loved the way the panel discussed how they look at new business submissions.
  • Really interesting and engaging session, would welcome the chance to hear it again if available as a recording.
  • Excellent panel. Great information.

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Meet the Moderator and Speakers

Keith Doan, President & CEO at KRD Risk Management Consulting & Insurance Group, LLC
Walter Baker, Jr., Vice President at Golden Bear Insurance Company
Matt McKenna, VP and Head of Underwriting at Founder Shield 
Mike Rowley, Vice President of Underwriting Operations at Aon Affinity
Ian Stewart, Regional Managing Partner of Wilson Elser Los Angeles