More with Larry Clinton from the PLUS Cyber Symposium

Here’s more from our interview with Internet Security Alliance president Larry Clinton from the 2018 PLUS Cyber Liability Symposium. In this clip he discusses what organizations should be doing to improve their network security today, how boards of directors can better address cyber risk, and what risk exposure worries him the most.

Don’t miss part 1 of our discussion with Larry Clinton.

Packed House for Cyber University

The inaugural class of PLUS Cyber University is underway today in Chicago. The event is designed as a way for professionals new to cyber insurance, or those who work in other coverage lines but need to know the basics of cyber, to get the foundational knowledge they need.

Many of today’s attendees are sticking around for the next two days as the 2018 edition of the PLUS Cyber Liability Symposium begins tomorrow. You can still register for that event by joining us on-site at the Marriott Marquis… hope to see you there!